On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 16:02 -0700, DJR wrote:
> I did a quick search of this website, but could not find a definite answer.
> when creating a filesystem on the global zone and using lofs to have the zone 
> see it, do 
> I have to  reboot the zone in order for the zone to actually see it.

No.  Just perform the mount manually just as you specify with your

So lets say I want /a to be mounted in my zone as /b and my
zonepath is /zones/fred

My zonecfg entry would look something like

> add fs; set dir=/b; set special=/a; set type=lofs; set
options=[rw,nosuid,nodevices]; end

Then from the global zone I could perform the exact same mount

# mkdir -p /zones/fred/root/b
# mount -F lofs -o rw,nosuid,nodevices /a /zones/fred/root/b

And it's there for your non-global zone to use.   It's not *exactly*
the same thing as letting zoneadmd do it's magic, but close

> I am talking about when creating the filesytem via zonecfg..
> not using the mount command to temp/manually mount a filesystem within the 
> local zone.

Right, you drive it from the global zone just like zoneadmd does.

While on the topic, you can also add, delete, or change network
settings on the fly as well.   Not sure how smart this really is, since
open connections might get rather upset, but for well thought
out cases it will prevent you from having to reboot a zone.

# ifconfig bge0 addif zone fred up

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