Russ Petruzzelli wrote:
Sorry this is not a zones question, but there seem to be plenty of Solaris experts on this alias...

You'll probably get more X11 people on the desktop-discuss list.

I cannot figure out how to set the screen resolution on my Solaris 10 sparc sunblade1000. I have a brand new flat panel monitor that supports many resolutions. Help or a re-direct to a good alias is appreciated.

4. m64config: Despite trying many variations of settings the monitor manual said are supported, m64config just would not work. (fail miserably)

 m64config -res \?
 m64config -res 1600x1200x60 try

In general I think you should be using "fbconfig", which works on all framebuffers, not "m64config". Are you sure you have an M64 framebuffer?

Also, are you doing this in the global zone, or is the posting to zones-discuss indicating an attempt to do this in a non-global zone? If the latter, you may not have the necessary access to the framebuffer device.

If this isn't the answer, you may want to post a more specific description of "fails miserably" to the desktop list.


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