Why the following is not possible without rebooting? Imagine a situation
where multiple people are using the same zone, and one of them is running is
critical task and does not want to shut down the zone for a week; in the
meantime, another user demands us to add a vxfs file system.

add fs; set dir=/b; set special=/a; set type=vxfs; set
options=[rw,nosuid,nodevices]; end

Of course, one work around is given, but but it is not rather straight
forward, but an ugly way of doing.

From global zone:
# mkdir -p /zones/test/root/b
# mount -F vxfs -o rw,nosuid,nodevices /a /zones/test/root/b

Whose limitation is this? Does it require Veritas to change their code? or
is Sun going to do something about it? Or is it epistemic impossibility?

Thanks, Pedro.
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