Jerry Jelinek wrote:
Bill Casale wrote:
Can anybody tell me how to remove pool definitions within the zonecfg utility? I've tried variations of zonecfg remove <poolname> with no
luck. I can't find any syntax expamples in the documentation for
doing this.

Do you mean "pool definitions" or "zone-to-pool assignments?"

If you mean the former, you probably created pools with poolcfg. Destroying them is done with the same tools.

If you mean the latter...

It depends what release you are running.  This is bug:

6442252 zonecfg's "unset" syntax is not documented and confusing

As part of the duckhorn project we added a 'clear' command to
zonecfg so now you can use 'clear pool'.  This is in recent nevada
builds and will be in S10u4.  In the meantime, you have to use
'set pool=""'.

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