>I'm running S10 6/06 and trying to upgrade Oracle from to
>The problem we're facing is that the the CRS daemons can't start because
>something is trying to set a process to priority -20.  I opened an SR with
>Oracle and their recommendation is: zonecfg -z <zonename> set
>limitpriv=default,proc_priocntl from within the global zone.
>that's all well and good, except limitpriv seems to have been added in
>Is there anything I can do on S10 6/06 to get around this?  A patch maybe,
>or some other mechanism to give the zone the privilege proc_priocntl?

No, you can't do that except by upgrading to a later Solaris 10 release.

Oracle should not treat the inability to set the priority as a fatal


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