First post here; the standard cry for help...

Have configured a zone in just about as generic a manner as possible, per the 
many docs available.  Looks like this:
zone name="z1" zonepath="/opt/apps/zones/z1" autoboot="true"
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/lib"/
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/platform"/
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/sbin"/
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/usr"/
  network address="" physical="ce0"/

This system happens to have /opt/apps as a large filesystem where basically 
everything goes; hence my choice of /opt/apps/zones.  It also contains an 
entirely unrelated product install directory; let's call it /opt/apps/foo.

Zone z1 is booted, I login, I cd into directory /opt/apps (which [i]EXISTS[/i], 
first of all), and I see the foo directory.  It's contents are only part of 
what exists in the GZ directory /opt/apps/foo, and just so happen to be a 
couple of SUNW package directories.

Why are these package dirs visible in z1?  I'm not doing any inheritance of 
/opt, AFAIK.

Many thanks for any help (*cringes at the forthcoming [b]obvious [/b]answer*)
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