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First post here; the standard cry for help...

Have configured a zone in just about as generic a manner as possible, per
the many docs available.  Looks like this:
zone name="z1" zonepath="/opt/apps/zones/z1" autoboot="true"
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/lib"/
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/platform"/
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/sbin"/
  inherited-pkg-dir directory="/usr"/
  network address="" physical="ce0"/

This system happens to have /opt/apps as a large filesystem where
basically everything goes; hence my choice of /opt/apps/zones.  It also
contains an entirely unrelated product install directory; let's call it

Zones start by installing everything in the global zone, if you really want
minimal zones, you would have to install the bare minimum of apps in the
global zone and then add what is needed on a per zone basis. The only other
way to not have everything  from the global zone is to  rm the files you
dont want.

All inherit-pkg-dir does is mount the specified directory from the global
zone as a read only copy so they dont use any extra disk space, and they
can't be modified.

James Dickens

Zone z1 is booted, I login, I cd into directory /opt/apps (which
[i]EXISTS[/i], first of all), and I see the foo directory.  It's contents
are only part of what exists in the GZ directory /opt/apps/foo, and just so
happen to be a couple of SUNW package directories.

Why are these package dirs visible in z1?  I'm not doing any inheritance
of /opt, AFAIK.

Many thanks for any help (*cringes at the forthcoming [b]obvious

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