I've had a look through the documentation on cloning a zone where the  
source and destinations are both on ZFS and I can't spot any obvious  
reasons why my clone operation works but doesn't seem to use the ZFS  
snapshot method, is there something special in the checks before the  
cloning I am missing?

This is all on a test box using Solaris 10U3, no patches added, is  
that maybe the problem? If so what patch adds the zfs snapshots to  

I'm assuming that it isn't using zfs snapshots as it takes a few  
minutes to clone the full root zone and when I issue the command

zoneadm -z zone2 clone zone1

It does not say
"Instead of copying, a ZFS clone has been created for this zone."

but it all works and I can do the snapshots manually.

also if I just create a zfspool and then specify the zonepath in the  
pool, it works but doesn't say a zfs filesystem has been created for  
this zone when I do the install.

I create the pool using zpool create -f pool1 c1t0d0 plus it is a  
full root zone.


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