Ritu Agrawal writes:
> Opening to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks.  Also removing accidental cc of confidential list.

> > Use /sbin/zonename and you should be fine
> This is a Live upgrade case when we are on the alternate root.

Yep; understood.

> The 
> alternate root has the O/S installed and we try to upgrade some of our 
> packages.  Please note that this is all happening in the alternate root. 

I understand that.  I don't understand why you'd be attempting to
execute any binaries you find on the alternate root.  They can't work.

> We attempt to do a pkgadd -d <dir> -R <altroot> <pkgname>. The 
> package/postinstall inturn does a zonename first. Since we are in the 
> alternate root, the command thats run is <altroot>/usr/bin/zonename 
> which is when it fails.

Right.  So why are you doing that?

> Here's a code snippet :
> ZONECMD=${PKG_INSTALL_ROOT}/usr/bin/zonename

That's the broken part.  That should be just:


Otherwise, I don't understand the intent.  The executable things that
come with the system are located under /usr/bin, /sbin, and
/usr/sbin.  Those should always work and always be consistent with the
system libraries and kernel.

Binaries that you find elsewhere may not necessarily work.

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