Robert Smicinski wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a machine on 2 networks (network A and network B) with 2 separate
> ethernet ports.
> We are creating zones that need to get to network C.
> The route for network A -> network C is different than the route for
> network B -> network C.
> When I create a zone that's on network A, and add the default route to it,
> it works fine. When I create a zone that's on network B, and add the
> default route to it (so in the global zone, I have 2 default routes),
> routing gets all futzed up in the zones.
> It does really fun things when I do "route get" in the zone, like showing
> me interfaces that don't exist in the zone, and seemingly trying to route
> traffic over this phantom interface.
> What's up with that?  Is there only one routing table?  Can I force a zone
> to use a specific route and interface?

In Solaris 10, up through (and including) update 11/06, there is only one 
routing table for all zones in a system.  This can make it difficult to 
accomplish non-trivial routing.

Solaris 10 update 4 (to be available soon) includes many improvements to 
zones.  One of them is called "IP Instances."  It allows a platform 
administrator to configure a zone with exclusive access to a NIC.  Along with 
that comes the ability for the zone administrator (root user in the zone) to 
configure its own network information, including IP address, routing, naming, 
etc.  This will allow you to do what you are trying to do.

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