Ihsan Zaghmouth wrote:

I have done everything according to the prerequisites and ran liveupgrade20 from the U4 media onto my Solaris10 X64.
All patches in the info doc 72099 have been installed afterwards.
Besides the patches mentioned in the info doc 72099, there are several T-Patches that have not been released yet that will allow you to liveupgrade a system with zones. Hence Project Zulu.  Jeff McMeekin is the keeper of the patch list.  Probably won't be finalized until S10 9/07 RR

Still experiencing the following error which I don't have answer for.
root # lucreate -n Solaris10U4 -m /:/dev/dsk/c1d0s3:ufs
Discovering physical storage devices
Discovering logical storage devices
Cross referencing storage devices with boot environment configurations
ERROR: luzonevfs failed on BE path </>:
ERROR: You must install the Zones tool patches to use this set of Live Upgrade packages to manipulate the boot environment at </>.
ERROR: cannot determine file system configuration for boot environment <Sol10U3-S0>
ERROR: cannot cross reference device list with file systems for boot environment <Sol10U3-S0>
ERROR: cannot cross reference available devices with system configurations
ERROR: cannot determine physical and logical storage device availability
ERROR: please review all file system configuration options
ERROR: cannot create new boot environment using options provided
Has anyone experienced this and what are the Zones tool patches beyond what is in 72099 ?



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