Ron Halstead wrote:
> When patching a machine with local zones, should the local zones be halted or 
> left running? I can't seem to find a definitive answer.
apply latest patchadd patch
119254 SPARC
119255 x86

Once the latest patch is applies, then either halted or running will work.

One other thing, make sure to run
patchadd -a <patchid-revision>
first, -a basically does a dryrun, boots any halted zones etc and does 
dependency checks.
if there are any issues with a zone not being bootable the output should 
clearly indicate this ( examine the output carefully! ), and must be 
remedied prior to running the actual patchadd. Might also catch issues 
where a patch will not apply to one zone out of a list of zones, which 
might also need to be examined depending on the patch etc.


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