On 9/9/07, Morris Hooten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> how can migrate or upgrade my 6 sparse and whole root zones
> that are on a separate file system than my root disk if i just
> install a fresh copy of 08/07 instead of upgrading?

Sounds like you need the "update on attach" feature[1] that doesn't
yet exist.  Jerry - any updates on this?

1. http://mail.opensolaris.org/pipermail/zones-discuss/2007-June/006785.html

The approach I take as part of "zone migration" (that works with S10
3/05 and later bits...) is to recreate the zone using the existing
zone configuration, then copy the bits that matter from the old zone
to the new zone.  Take a look at /etc/lu/synclist (global zone) as a
good starting point for the files that matter.  If you keep your
application data separate from the OS data (separate file systems)
this will be easy.  If you mix the two, you will have some

Mike Gerdts
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