I know I'm not using OpenSolaris, but... I installed a Solaris 10 SPARC
update 4 (8/07) from a flar image on a server (V240), and on this system
I'm trying to create a zone. However, it hangs for hours on end and
never finishes on 'zoneadm -z <zone name> install'. Here's the ptree

627   zoneadm -z myzone01 install
            628   /usr/lib/lu/lucreatezone -z myzone01
              630   /etc/lib/lu/plugins/lupi_svmio plugin
              631   /etc/lib/lu/plugins/lupi_bebasic plugin

The command line output is:
# zoneadm -z myzone01 install
Preparing to install zone <myzone01>.

Some observations: 
- I could create zones on the separate server I created the flar from
before I used flarcreate to make the image (I uninstalled & deleted the
zone before flarcreate). After using flarcreate on the master system it
had the behavior above as other systems the flar image was put onto.
- Removing & re-installing SUNWluzone didn't help
- Its too early in the install process to see the zone console, the
state is 'incomplete'

Any ideas?


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