run "inetadm", see if rlogin is enabled...

James Carlson wrote:
Does anyone know how to get rsh working on zone2? I can zlogin to both zone1 and zone2 ok.

xc12p11-b1# zoneadm list -cv
  ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP
   0 global           running    /                              native   shared
   6 xc12p11-b1-ce0-zone1 running    /export/xc12p11-b1-ce0-zone1   native   shared
  12 xc12p11-b1-ce0-zone2 running    /export/xc12p11-b1-ce0-zone2   native   shared

xc12p11-b1# rsh -l root xc12p11-b1-ce0-zone2 'date'    <----- Not working
xc12p11-b1-ce0-zone2: Connection refused

What's the status of svc:/network/shell:default in that zone?

Did you perhaps configure zone2 and forget to go through sysid?

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