On Solaris 10 8/07, I have an exclusive-IP non-global zone running alongside 
several zones that share a physical interface.  The interface used by the 
exclusive-IP zone and the interface used by the shared zones are on separate 

I'd like to have a network common to all and only the zones on this host, while 
preserving the separate IP stack of the exclusive zone.  However the exclusive 
zone cannot use a virtual interface on the shared phys interface.

-[network A]--(exclusive zone)--[shared vnet]--(global & shared 
zones)--[network B]--

Is there a way to configure virtual/software interfaces that the zones should 
communicate between?  I had thought that a vni interface could be used, but it 
doesn't appear to work in the zones.

I've seen some documentation from OpenSolaris indicating that "dladm 
create-vnic" might be the answer, but that is not yet in Solaris 10.

Is there another way that doesn't involve adding two physical network 
interfaces that will never connect to anything?  That is certainly possible, 
but it seems silly.

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