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> I can confirm that it works now and I was able to do LiveUpgrade from U3 to U4
> with zones. Not much sense to do that, as you have to install kernel from U4 
> first
> anyway, but hope that for next releases we'll be able to LiveUpgrade with 
> minimal
> downtime.

        I tried a 10U3 to 10U4 LU last week. The system is a
Netra-T1/AC200 with 2 GB RAM. Two internal disks. The LU was to a
second mirrored pair of slices on the same disks. There is one

        During the installation of the patches from 72099, I got many
errors for installing a patch into the NG-zone, but these were patches
that were for code that is inherited (this is a sparse zone).

        After the reboot, shutting down NG-zones, and the final reboot
I was ready to attempt the LU. During the LU
I ran into the SUNWiiim bug ( 6509956

        After the LU completed I had two packages that could not be
upgraded (SUNWiiim which I expected, and SUNWcsr... but since that had
already been upgraded by the last patch I tried booting to the new BE
anyway). The new BE booted fine, but I am concerned about doing this
on much larger (with many more services and NG-zones) since we don't
know *why* we got the errors. Has anyone else seen this type of
behavior ? We really *need* some of the NG-zone and routing and ZFS
and Samba fixes in 10U4.

Paul Kraus
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