Oh, last time I tried to do LiveUpgrade there were no withdrawn patches in 
Solaris 10 for SPARC with non-global zones section. I' guess I should wait for 
that patch and try it again, although I have that 120012-14 already installed 
and I'm confused if I can do LiveUpgrade now or not. 

To be short - it fails on lucreate stage after I upgraded SUNWlu* packages 
(installed SUNWlucfg to be specific, as I don't see any changes in SUNWluu and 

Before I installed SUNWlucfg - lucreate created second BE without any complains 
about running zones, but luupgrade refused to went further with exactly the 
same message - you should install Zones patches, take a look at 72099. And I 
don't see any reasonable way to see which patch it's missing, and that's 

So I killed second BE and tried to update SUNWlu* packages first and create BE 
then and now lucreate fails instantly.

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