In reviewing the current interfaces made available from
zones, it appears that ALL_ZONES and GLOBAL_ZONE
are still private interfaces - correct?

If so, if I'm forced to expose the existance of zones
through an API to kernel consumers and then somehow
map zone names into zoneid_t's.  While userspace has
a getzoneidbyname(), there appears to be no equivalent
in the kernel - using zone_find_by_name() appears to
be the only way.  Is that a project private interface or
a consolidation private interface?

It would appear that the current state of the zones
interfaces requires cooperation between a program
in user space that maps a zone name to a zoneid_t
and then passes the zoneid_t into the kernel, correct?

But doing this begats the original problem - there
would seem to be no correct way of specifying "all
zones" in the zoneid_t if ALL_ZONES is also private.

What I'd like to do is offer an API to consumers in which
they can specify a zone by virtue of its name and resolve
that internally inside the kernel.  In such a design, I might
choose to make a NULL name a wildcard, whilst allowing
the API to also be specific to the global zone or other
local zones.  Thus I'd prefer to avoid exposing zoneid_t's
to the consumers completely, if I can.



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