On Mon 12 Nov 2007 at 01:54PM, Darren Reed wrote:
> Looking in usr/src/uts/common/os/zone.c, there are is a number
> of functions that have the words "Public interface" before them,
> such as:
> /*
>  * Public function to retrieve the zone status.  The zone status may
>  * change after it is retrieved.
>  */
> zone_status_t
> zone_status_get(zone_t *zone)
> ...
> However doing a "man zone_status_get" returns nothing, so it
> would appear that it isn't completely public.

I think the author likely was a little imprecise, and meant "not
static"-- i.e. callable from other parts of the kernel.

> In light of there being a relative lack of public functions in the
> kernel to deal with zone names and id's, I'd like to propose
> providing an implementation of getzoneidbyname() and
> getzonenamebyid() for the kernel that mirrors the behaviour
> of those found in libc today.
> So to summarise, I'd like to provide getzoneidbyname(9f)
> and getzonenamebyid(9f) that have the same interface as
> getzoneidbyname(3c) and getzonenamebyid(3c).
> Comments?

Is there a proposed consumer?  I assume ip filter?  Or, putting it
another way, what does a zone name<-->id mapping facility provide
that you need?  This should help to evaluate the proposal.


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