I work with Jack, and wanted to follow up to the community about our latest 

In answer to Mike Gerdts' query, we will allow an NPIV WWN to follow a non 
global zone from one box to another. One caveat is that the user will have to 
intervene to bind the virtual NPIV port to a new physical HBA. Also, due to the 
way zones works, all devices are visible in the global zone.

In answer to Ed Pilatowicz's reply, we decided to change behavior, which I 
think fits the zones management model better:
zonecfg will only update parameters to non global zone
zoneadm verify (and implicit verify at zoneadm boot) will verify that the 
physical HBA exists, and that it supports NPIV
zoneadm boot will create the NPIV port
We will dynamically mount block devices as they appear.

We working on having the virtual HBA's WWN automatically assigned - either 
using a random number or using a range of WWN available from the HBA's base 
WWN.  This will alleviate typing long strings of digits.

Cyril's post - currently non global zones only see block devices - there's no 
way to do scsi passthrough, or use the HBA API.  So, a global zone 
administrator must create the partitions on the SCSI device, and handle FC 
administration. Then the block device will be usable in the non global zone.  

This does limit the usability of NPIV, but I believe due to zones architecture, 
there's a limitation of only mapping leaf nodes to non global zones.  

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