> Christine Tran wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I understands the upgrade issue surrounding the patching and upgrade 
>> tools. Can I get around this with some trickery using quota and 
>> reservation?  I would quota and reserve for a pool/somezonepath some 
>> capacity, say 10GB, and in this way allocate a fixed capacity per zonepath.
>> Will this work, or will the patching & upgrade tool not even run if they 
>> detect that zones are on zfs?
Enda O'Connor wrote:

upgrade of zones on zfs is just not supported yet
patching does wok though for zones on zfs
add 119254-50/119255-50 (SPARC/X86 ) and patching will eork


On second thoughts zones-discuss may be a more appropriate alias for 
this question.

I understand the non-supported issue.  My customer wants to know if he 
can take steps to make certain there's enough disk capacity for upgrade, 
using quota + reservation per filesystem.  I just want to know if the 
upgrade tools will just exit when it finds zonepaths on ZFS, or will it 
run.  I could set up a quick test but I don't have an environment ready 

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