Hi all,

is it possible to add a ZFS to a running Zone without having to reboot
the Zone?

An Application running on a Zone is currently writing tons of debug-log
which is threatening to fill up the zone root. The zone-root is running
on a ZFS on zpool1.

However on zpool2 I still have plenty of space. So I would like to
create a temporary ZFS on zpool2 and mount it to the Log-Dir of the zone
so that I wouldn't have to modify the application-config.

If I'd use zonecfg with "add fs" I would have to reboot the zone. I also
tried to set the mountpoint of the temporary zpool2-zfs to the full Path
in the global-zone of the Log-Dir. Although the command did complete
without an error after I emptied the Log-Dir, zpool2 is still not used
by newly created files in that dir.

Any Ideas?

thx in advance,

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