One vendor is requesting us to use a rc script running the following lines

echo "tl_minfo+0x24/W 0x40000" | /usr/bin/adb -kw /dev/ksyms /dev/mem >
echo "strm_info+0x24/W 0x40000" | /usr/bin/adb -kw /dev/ksyms /dev/mem >

I won't even try, but I doubt it would work in a zone anyway...
Is there any way to mimic that thru some project ? Or do we need to change
the global zone configuration which is kinda an issue as it is a production
frame with multiple zones.

Gael Martinez
Unix Delivery Services || Solaris Technical Lead
UnitedHealth Group IT, Enterprise Shared Services 6150 Trenton Lane,
MN013-N300, Plymouth, 55442, MN
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