On Thu 14 Feb 2008 at 05:40PM, Mark Mulligan wrote:
> Yeah, zone.max-lwps stops the fork bombs if that's what you are trying to do.
> I showed it to a customer today.  I set it arbitrarily high at 15,000, but 
> well
> below the global default of ~31K.
> # zonecfg -z zone1
> zonecfg:zone1> add rctl
> zonecfg:zone1:rctl> set name=zone.max-lwps
> zonecfg:zone1:rctl> add value (priv=privileged,limit=15000,action=deny)
> zonecfg:zone1:rctl> end
> zonecfg:zone1> exit

FYI: In S10U4 and higher, you can simply do:

zonecfg:zone1> set max-lwps=15000

(Thanks to Steve and Jerry!)


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