Before you created a non-global zone, you created a dynamic resource 
pool and associated a processor set with it. Then you created a 
non-global zone and associated it with the resource pool.

Now you can create additional non-global zones and if you associate them 
with the resource pool you created, these zones will share the 
resources- including processor set- of that pool.

I found this reference to be very helpful:



Maciej Browarski wrote:
> Hello,
> I play with dedicated-cpu on solaris 10 u4.
> I read that, this function separate ncpus from global zone and pins this 
> ncpus exclusive to non global zone, but what, in this case,  means 
> importance parameters ?
> Is possibility  to run more  non-global  zones  with dedicated-cpu on  
> these same set processors ? (if is this is true, how this importance is 
> calculate ?)
> Regards,

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