Sanjay Akula wrote:
> Did anybody saw this WARNING messages while loading patch cluster what 
> does it means.
> Installing 120011-14...
> /kernel/drv/sparcv9/fcp: undefined symbol 'fc_ulp_hold_remote_port'
> WARNING: mod_load: cannot load module 'fcp'
> WARNING: fctl: ULP FCSM version mismatch; please upgrade FCSM
> Can any one suggest me the solution.
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The only time I have seen this is in the following scenario

user adds patch a-03 which delivers a newer incompatible kernel module ( by 
incompatible I 
mean that the new module depends on say a new genunix not loaded till next 
reboot )say 
module fcp-version3,without forcing a load of the old module it is replacing, 
later in the 
same patch session user applies 120011-14, which deliver fcp-version4 ( a newer 
incompatible fcp module ), but due to how this patch 120011-14 is installed, 
actually forces a load of the existing modules including the incompatible 
leading to the warning.

These are benign and once a reboot has occurred, order will be restored, as the 
genunix in 120012-14 will be compatible with the new fcp module.

so I suspect you applied another patch before 120011-14 that also delivered fcp 
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