Hi all, I thought I should point out that I've written a guide to using
Zones on OpenSolaris 2008.05, where support for Zones is a little
different than on S10 or Nevada.


Corrections or questions welcomed.

As I mention in my blog, later this month (after I get a vacation), I'd
like to start a discussion on this alias about features and priorities
for Zones for 2008.11 and 2009.05, the next two releases.  This will
primarily be about packaging and software delivery mechanisms; my blog
entry provides a summary of the issues which will need to be discussed.

We will also be contacting some key customers and stakeholders, and
actively soliciting feedback.  If you want to ensure that your voice is
heard-- watch this list, and please be ready to participate.

In the interim, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at what
we've done with packaging in 2008.05.  Pull it down-- if you don't
have a machine to deploy it to, just put it into a VirtualBox!


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