Is there any list or something where Sun would list application compatibility? 
problems with applications and their resolutions? if there is a central 
or something that would be awesome to have. What I am looking for is something 
of this type:

It does state that IBM is supporting WebSphere MQ v6.0 in zones and they give 
you all the information and problems and resolutions. So I was wondering if 
there was anything similar for any application or is it realy vendor related 

I am working on a project where we have quite a few servers running various 
applications, we are planning to put all those servers into local zones, so I 
need to figure out each and every of the application and see first of all if it 
is supported by vendor and second if there are any problems and resolutions or 
concerns and such...

Anyway help is greatly appreciated, and I will try to share with the list my 
findings at the end if anyone would be interested at such.

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