On Tue 10 Jun 2008 at 08:18PM, isaac wrote:
> Ran into an interesting observation at a tradeshow today, where  
> OpenSolaris 2008.05  has been installed.  Then proceeded to create a  zone.
> The installation phase of the zone reached out to pkg.opensolaris.org -> 
> and as part of that process we noticed that the NGZ's /etc/motd reports 
> snv_90.... (that is likely due to newer bits being available) - and yet 
> 'uname' in NGZ reports the expected (snv_86).

Isaac, You may wish to review


In the case you are in, you've got a zone which is uprev of the
global zone-- a case you should avoid, we certainly can't guarantee
that this will work.  The simplest solution for now is to simply upgrade
the global zone to match.

In the future (maybe for November?) we will work harder to keep these in

> also noticed the brand for the zone appears as 'ipkg' and not 'native'.

This is temporary, and in future releases will change.

> cool, but how are we dealing with newer bits not necessarily deviating 
> from the kernel version installed?

We will eventually have code in place to keep things in sync with
each other.


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