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> Hi all,
> Got a question from a customer, and can't seem to find an answer.  Let's
> say they have multiple zones, and are specifying physical memory caps on
> all of them.  If they have, say, 16GB of memory, is there anything that
> will prevent them from telling each zone to use physical memory caps
> over this amount?  For instance, say they have five zones, and have 4GB
> phys memory caps on all of them.  Will zonecfg check to see that they
> only have 16GB of memory installed, and prevent the last zonecfg from
> using 4GB?

Doesn't that imply that all zones will be running at all times? I
would imagine there are so many scenarios between DR, fault management
automatically offlining DIMMs, etc. that would make such a thing more
complicated than it might first appear (though this is just all
speculation on my part).  What I would expect is that if a zone has a
cap more than what's available, that it would error out (i.e. in your
scenario, the last zone to boot would fail).
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