On Jun 25, 2008, at 2:04 PM, James Carlson wrote:
> If you need information on S10 updates, you should contact your local
> support folks.  S10 updates aren't OpenSolaris, so there's no reason
> to discuss their schedules or content here, and there's no necessary
> relationship between features that get integrated into Nevada and ones
> that end up in any particular update.
> I didn't look at the others, but the one networking (not zones)
> feature you list there -- vanity naming (CR 6577618) -- doesn't appear
> to have an MR entry for S10, so I would have to guess that no backport
> is in progress, at least right now.
> The way a backport often ends up happening is that a contract customer
> for one of those older supported releases makes a formal request
> through Sun's support group.  That doesn't happen on opensolaris.org.

I'd just wanted the information on U6, it's a  bit to late for a  
formal request, but i'll do that next time. I'd agree that this was  
not the right forum I concentrated on zones-discuss part of the  
address. But you people who know all this read this list ;)

Vanity naming is not a zone feature, the reason I mentioned it is that  
it wold be a nice feature when migrating zones between machines with  
different NIC:s.

Many thanks to all of you who answered anyway!

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