James Carlson wrote:
> Jordan Brown writes:
>> Before diving too far down this rathole... aren't the package scripts 
>> run in the context of the zone?
> Yes, for the specific issue of running a script in a zone, but in
> general, you can't chroot to $BASEDIR and expect any good to come of
> it.

Agreed, chroot is essentially never appropriate.

> The same script will fail miserably when 'pkgadd' is pointed at
> an alternate boot environment, or when invoked during a custom
> install.

Ah, indeed.  Whether that's an issue or not depends on the requirements 
for the particular package.  For packages in the Solaris distribution 
it's a requirement ... for others, it might or might not be.

> That's why I'm discouraging its use, and instead pointing folks to CR
> 6387333.  There's a missing feature here, and trying to paint around
> it just risks causing new problems.

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