> I am planning to migrate a server running Solaris 8
> to a Solaris 8 container. .. On the new server I want to install
> Solaris 10 (global zone) and install 2 Solaris 8
> containers (brandz) under that global zone. I was
> told that there is no need to purchase solaris 8 or 9
> (brandZ) license. Can someone please confirm this. I
> contacted one of the Sun resellers. He told me that
> Solaris 8 and 9 containers are included in the
> Solaris 10 distro at no charge.

The last time I checked, you can download the software for free at sun.com for 
a 90-day trial. http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/containers/getit.jsp says:

"For full support in a production environment please contact your Sun sales 
team to purchase a Solaris 8 Containers subscription. A Solaris 10 Premium 
Subscription or a Sun System Gold or Platinum Service Plan is also required."
You should ask the Sun partner to find the appropriate part number for the 

> Is Oracle certified to run on Solaris 8 container? Is
> someone running Oracle on a Solaris 8 container. 
Yes, people are running Oracle 8 and 9. You'd have to ask Oracle if they 
certify their software on S8 Containers. In most cases the situation doesn't 
get any worse from a support standpoint: I think Oracle doesn't support Oracle 
8 any longer, so moving an Oracle 8 instance from a Solaris 8 system to a 
Solaris 8 Container doesn't reduce the support level.

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