Hello All,

I am looking to the OpenSolaris community for input on your respective  
experiences with management tools for zones.

I am currently looking at the options for managing zones and am  
looking for a tool that would let me;

* Install new zones according to a template
* Clone existing zones
* Detach and attach zones on different systems to facilitate migration
* Flag an update on attach operation for a zone (I realise that this  
has not yet been implemented in Solaris 10)
* Patch a zone
* Shutdown/restart a zone
* Handle the management of SMF services within a zone

Nice to have, but not overly necessary

* Integration with Solaris Resource Manager
* Deploy a server personality to a zone (Packages, Conf Files, Mounts,  
SMF services etc)

I know that xVM Ops Centre can handle most of these tasks, but I am  
not sure that it handles the zone migration or update on attach  
components and I have briefly read about Container Manager which is  
part of SMC.  I know that both Sun Cluster and VCS can handle the zone  
migration components, but they do not have the scope to handle the  
other tasks. Are there any other tools out there that handle these  
sort of tasks? How do you manage zones in your respective environments?

Any and all input is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Nathan Dietsch 
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