My apologies if this is a RTFM moment, but I have been looking and have
been unable to find an answer.  If memory caps are defined for a given
zone, why doesn't the output of swap display the cap?

# zonecfg -z web info capped-memory
         physical: 1G
         [swap: 200M]
# zoneadm -z web boot
# zlogin web /usr/sbin/swap -lh
swapfile             dev    swaplo   blocks     free
/dev/swap             -         4K     3.0G     2.4G

Similarly, the output of df shows no since restriction on tmpfs

# zlogin web df -h /tmp /var/run
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
swap                   2.2G    36K   2.2G     1%    /tmp
swap                   2.2G    16K   2.2G     1%    /var/run

The only way that one can determine that a cap is in place is to run
into it (and get out of space errors) or use kstat:

# kstat -p caps:13:swapresv_zone_*:
caps:13:swapresv_zone_13:class  zone_caps
caps:13:swapresv_zone_13:crtime 1273429.36377325
caps:13:swapresv_zone_13:snaptime       1273515.79106759
caps:13:swapresv_zone_13:usage  94965760
caps:13:swapresv_zone_13:value  209715200
caps:13:swapresv_zone_13:zonename       web

Am I missing something or is there a more user friendly way to let
someone know that they are running into a memory cap?

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