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Anand writes:
> We have configured 3 local zones on one of our server and the problem is that 
> ,the local zone's ip get plumbed to different logical interfaces everytime 
> the global zone reboots.

Yes, it does allocate the logical IP interfaces dynamically.

> The local zone tries to get the next available logical interface and 
> depending upon the order the zones comes up it takes up the logical interface.
> Is there any way where we can restrict local zone to use specific logical 
> interface.

Not exactly.  If you use an exclusive IP stack instance zone, then you
can have dedicated interfaces, but shared stack zones use logical
interfaces -- which are allocated dynamically.

> Let me know if you my explanation is  not clear .

The part that's unclear is why this is a problem.  What are you doing
that depends on a logical interface name, and that needs to keep that
name static?

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