Ben Rockwood writes:
> James Carlson wrote:
> >> Let me know if you my explanation is  not clear .
> >>     
> >
> > The part that's unclear is why this is a problem.  What are you doing
> > that depends on a logical interface name, and that needs to keep that
> > name static?
> >   
> While I can't offer a particular reason, using the zone id for the
> logical interface instance would be pretty.

Maybe.  That sounds like something that could be discussed with the
Clearview folks, though I think they're mostly addressing renaming at
the datalink level and not way up at IP's level where logical
interfaces reside.

But what's the "problem" that the original poster was concerned about?
Having more obvious names would be nicer, but you can get the zone
name output in the global zone from ifconfig, so the unobvious names
don't seem to constitute much of a problem ... just rather an

> Of course, that argument
> dies as soon as you ask how to address zones with multiple virtual
> interfaces on a single physical NIC.

You'd need some coherent naming scheme to keep them separate in that

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