I am currently setting up a home server. It will be my main storage server,
but I will also be consolidating other applications on it (voip server,
video streaming, app server, ...)
I plan to use a Quad-core processor (namely the Q6600) with 8GB of RAM.

I have been reading all the docs I can find about resource management but
there are still some areas unclear to me:

- Can capped-cpu and cpu-share be used at the same time: It there is no
contention Z1 use only 3 cpu and Z2 3 cpus max, but if there is contention
have 75/25% sharing?

- What is ZFS cpu usage ? (How much cpu should I reserve for the global zone

More specifically, my setup would be something like:

Global zone:                ZFS storage, NFS and Samba servers
VOIP Zone:                 SIP PBX : should always have enough processing
power to handle a few calls (home setup)
download zone:            handles all downloads (torrent /http). Low
Video streaming zone : use VLC to stream videos on the network (maybe later
some VOD).
Video encoding zone :  should use all available cpus but low priority
Database Zone:           MySQl and/or Postgresql
App Server Zone:        SAMP stack and/or Glassfish

I do not expect high load on these zones (this is not a business production
server, mainly a development environment and home application with few
concurrent calls).

I am a bit at a loss on how to implement this.
Is FSS and cpu-shares enough ?
Should I use resource pools ? dynamic resource pools ?

Thanks for your help,

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