Le 20 oct. 08 à 16:58, Joe Barbey a écrit :

> I've got a situation that doesn't seem to be really covered in the
> various docs I've read up to now.  I have a number of servers where I
> want to do something like the following, if possible.  Any help  
> would be
> greatly appreciated.

It's not so unusual. But it's not correctly covered.

> My major concern is to get the global zone on one subnet, while the
> non-globals will be at least one other subnet, possibly others.  Using
> shared-IP, I know we had routing issues.  I can't remember if it was  
> on
> the global side or the local, but I know there were issues.  Perhaps
> this has been fixed in more recent releases?

The only answer today is exclusive-IP.  As James suggest, you may use  
VLANs if you switch is able to let you send tagged packet to it.

I didn't experience the new "default route" option in zone  
configuration...anyway it's only beginning with u5 and you're using u4.

Anyway, if you have multiple subnet used for you local zone, the best  
bet is is to use VLAN-tagging.  Default routers and circular use of  
them in the global zone become quickly a nightmare.

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