Sorry that I don't have an answer to your question, but I have some thoughts 
that might help :)

I see "zones" hosting as two potentially different services...

1. Virtual Dedicated Solaris Server - You are provided a "virtual dedicated 
server" that runs (Open)Solaris. You know its a zone because you type 
"zonename" and its not "global" .. but other than that, they don't really need 
to disclose what kind of virtualization they choose to use. It probably 
wouldn't be marketed as "zones hosting" or anything to do with zones. As an 
admin, you SSH in and do your thing, just like any other 
virtual-dedicated-server product.

2. ZONE hosting - You somehow provide a hosting provider with a filesystem (zfs 
shapshot?) of your pre-made zone to run in the "cloud" ... Maybe something like or amazon EC (if they were on Solaris). The provider would probably 
have to provide you a virtualbox copy of their hosting environment with the 
exact OS/patches, so you could build your zone and it would "zoneadm -z BLAH 
attach" without much fuss when you sent it to them.

I don't know whether you are thinking of #1 or #2 or both, but in your 
questioning of service providers, I think if I were you, I would simplify by 
asking them if they provide Solaris virtual dedicated servers, rather than 
"zones" hosting, as your typical CSR won't know what the heck zones are or what 
they have to do with Solaris or otherwise.

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