On 11/10/08 13:56, Steve Lawrence wrote:
> ...
> I am sure there must be a way to tell ipf to force packets from the be- 
> net to the fe-net to go out on the wire, presumably using "dup-to" but  
> I was unable to make it work, so I am using source-nat at the moment.  
> I look forward to hearing that someone else has already figured this  
> out and here is how they did it, but for now I need to work on  
> installing software on "mail-fe-1" because it was supposed to be  
> working last Tuesday ;)

I think the best answer to your question is to download the latest 
snapshot of a
crossbow build and use that. What you need is local (on the zones box) 
that recognises packets don't need to leave the host to find the 


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