Hi,Can I defrouter my non-global zone to match exclusive IP model for Solaris 
10 10/08?

[Feature:The ability to set the default router through an optional defrouter 
property in a shared-IP zone added. ]

(1)A machine connects to LAN1 via NIC1 and LAN2 via NIC2 . (VLAN)

(2)Global zone connects to LAN1 with proper address configured on NIC1, 
   gateway is assigned to an address on LAN1
  NIC2 is in unplumb state with no address configured

(3)in non-global zone with share IP model, add  NIC2 with address configured 
   and connects to LAN2,gateway is assigned to an address on LAN2,
   does not  add NIC1 at all.

(4)So,non-global zone could access LAN2 nodes but could not access global zone
   directly(because it's on LAN1)?
   non-global zone could only access other node outside LAN2 via its default 
   gateway(LAN2 address assigned by defroute)?
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