I'd like to create a NGZ on a S10U6 system. Actually, I'd like to create
a number of NGZ's on this host and the NGZs don't differ much. So
I thought that it should be possible to create a "template" NGZ where
the zone root is on a ZFS.

Then I think it should somehow be possible to use ZFS snapshots
and clones. Ie. a snapshot of the zone root should be created, it
should be promoted to a clone and this clone should be used as the
zone root for a new NGZ. When first booting, I'd run a sys-unconfig,
reboot again and enter valid data (or modify the files touched by
sys-unconfig myself and safe me one boot). Afterwards, the
zone XML file in /etc would need to be modified to "cheat" the system
into thinking that this new NGZ is properly configured.

Or does zoneadm maybe support this from itself? If so, what would
be the correct way of using zoneadm? Is the manpage at
the current man page (or at least the one that is valid for S10U6)?
And if that's so, would the following be the correct way of doing

  # zoneadm -z template-zone halt
  # zfs snapshot zones/templ...@2008-12-13
  # zoneadm -z target clone -s zones/templ...@2008-12-13 template-zone

Would that be correct?

Thanks a lot,

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