Hi experts,

I would like consult you some questions regarding
"Zones Upgrade Permanent Solution(PSARC/2006/167 and PSARC/2003/460)"

In the description of Patch 119254-59, there is the following info.

Patch ID: 119254-59
Title: SunOS 5.10: Install and Patch Utilities Patch

NOTE 5:  In order to get the complete Zones Upgrade Permanent Solution 
          PSARC/2006/167 and PSARC/2003/460), please also install the
          following additional patches:

          119534-12 (or greater)  Flash Archive Patch
          121430-15 (or greater)  Live Upgrade Patch
          121428-07 (or greater)  Live Upgrade Zones Support Patch
          124630-09 (or greater)  System Administration Applications, 
                                  and Core Libraries Patch

I would like consult you the following questions.

1) What is the detailed content of "Zones Upgrade Permanent Solution
(PSARC/2006/167 and PSARC/2003/460)" ? Is there any info doc for this
issue ?

2) Must the cu apply the Zones Upgrade Permanent Solution (PSARC/2006/167
and PSARC/2003/460) ? How can we confirm if the cu should apply the
Permanent Solution on their system or not ?

3) When apply the Zones Upgrade Permanent Solution, are there any
patches should be installed ? If these patches are not installed,
is there any impact to the system running ? If there is some impact,
is there any info doc or bugs to describe this impact ?

Thank you very much.
Best Regards
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