Members of the Zones Community may want to try out the
Development Zones :)

Let me know what you think.


Jim Walker wrote:
> Development Zones
> The OpenSolaris Test Farm virtual machine interface is ready for
> use by OpenSolaris contributors. This interface allows users to
> reserve whole root development zones where they can build and test
> software prior to contributing to the OpenSolaris code base.
> Damian Wojsław and Michal Bielicki from the Software Porters
> Community will be managing the first two zone servers.
> Currently, the zones utilize Solaris Express builds, but we will
> be switching to native OpenSolaris builds in a few weeks. We also
> will be adding xVM and LDOM servers that will support OpenSolaris
> guest accounts.
> Open Access
> In addition to adding these new development and test resources,
> we have changed the access requirements so that any OpenSolaris
> user can access the test farm (ie. the Sun Contributor Agreement
> is no longer needed to access most of the machines).
> OpenSolaris users can access the test farm at:
> Information on the OpenSolaris test farm is at:
> Information on the test farm zone implementation is at:
> Other recent test farm development includes:
> - user group access control
> - short, medium and long term account reservations
> - email notifications
> - server live upgrades
> - better user login statistics
> - better account history tracking
> - remote desktop testing
> Cheers,
> Jim

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