> > Thanks for looking at this.  I'll take a look
 > > at each of your recommendations.  One factor
 > > is that we plan on backporting this to S10, so
 > > I want to keep things working on that release
 > > with a minimum of changes.
 > Erm... the warnings returned by $ ksh93 -n <scriptname> # apply to ksh88
 > (e.g. /usr/bin/ksh in Solaris <= 11/B106 and /usr/xpg4/bin/sh), too.
 > This features does not enforce any feature outside the POSIX shell
 > standard (but checks - if they are used - ksh88&&ksh93-specific
 > features, too).
 > Or short: These issues should be fixed for Solaris 10, too (as a
 > side-effect you get more performance for the script (even on Solaris
 > 10), too).

I didn't see any response to my question about whether the OpenSolaris (or
perhaps just ON) community had reached agreement on the advice offered by
shlint.  I could name several dozen personal best practices that I wish
every C program in ON followed; that doesn't give me the right to just
update a private version of cstyle and start enforcing those things each
time someone posts a code review.  Please start with getting consensus on
shlint.  If you're unable to get consensus with what you have, then you
need to modify your proposal until you do.

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