Recently, there were a number of queries for a current document
on how to run RAC in non-global zones. We have just published
this new document.

Gia-Khanh and I  published a small book in the BluePrint series
that explains the following:

  1) A very brief overview of Zone Clusters
  2) An overview of how Sun Cluster supports RAC
  3) A detailed example of how we configured one system
     to support RAC running in Zone Clusters
  4) For RAC 9i/10g/11g on supported storage topologies
     we provide an outline of the steps
     needed to deploy RAC and show the application management
     configuration (RGM Resource Group / Resource / Dependencies / Affinities).

The goal is to explain the use of Zone Clusters to support RAC.

 "Deploying Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Solaris Zone Clusters"

The Wiki page url is:

The mirror page url is:

Thank you, just what I`ve been looking for!

With respect,
Nik Maslov
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