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Hello zones community members,

I'm one of the engineers working on Solaris 10 Containers (S10Cs) for OpenSolaris (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/s10brand). I'm currently evaluating networking requirements for S10Cs. Our ultimate goal is to achieve networking feature parity with native Solaris 10 zones: we will want S10Cs to do everything that native Solaris 10 zones can do.

I would appreciate any input you can provide regarding what you (or your customers) currently do with your native Solaris 10 zones (both exclusive- and shared-stack zones), especially the commands (arp, snoop, traceroute, etc.), protocols, and other features/services (SMA, Solstice, IPMP, NAT, IP Filter, DHCP client/server, IP tunnels, PPP, IPsec, etc.) that you use most frequently. Your input will help us prioritize networking features and set realistic expectations for our product.

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Definitely all the low level tools, including arp, snoop, traceroute.

DHCP client for sure, DHCP server probably.

IP Tunnel for sure, especially if you mean IPsec.

IPfilter, as it pertains to what a zone admin can do today to specify filter rules within the zone. (I have not come across anyone doing this, yet, so it might be lower priority on my end.)

DLPI access, or whatever network provisioning tools might use.

Here is the big one-------NFS server :) (not that I see how this would be any different than a native S10 zone)

IPMP 100%

And all answers are shared and exclusive IP, in those cases where they also work with shared IP.

VNICs is going to make exclusive IP accessible to a large number of users who haven't been able to use them so far. And it will allow lots of zones to share a few high speed NICs.

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