Jack LING wrote:
> by default, the network configuration of the global zone is set to 
> auto-detect. I think this should be dhcp?
> Reading Solaris System Administration documentations, hostname.interface 
> file(s) under the /etc/inet directory is used for setting static ip address 
> of interface(s).

No.  That would be /etc/hostname.interface, not

And that's useful only if you disable NWAM (physical:nwam) and enable
the legacy service (physical:default).

> I don't know whether OpenSolaris is using the same model? Does it
actually store network settings somewhere when I manually adjust the
network settings at the icon shown on the tray?
> Since the configuration details are from dhcp, I don't know where to 
> put/modify in settings like dns server (after the initial network settings 
> for the 1st time login) to the non-global zone.

Generally, if you're using DHCP, you'll want to set up such things on
the DHCP server.

But it is possible to modify the /etc/default/dhcpagent file to tell the
DHCP client to avoid getting certain kinds of information from the
server, and then you can statically configure those things if you want.

It sort of defeats the whole purpose of DHCP, but it's certainly
supported.  See the dhcpagent(1M) man page for details.

>  Which command I can use to know the dns settings in the global zone?

Get shell access in the global zone and examine the /etc/resolv.conf and
/etc/nsswitch.conf files.

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